‘We got into this mess ourselves’

Dearest Editor
I am a Zambian of Indian origin born in Ndola leaving in Chipata (MWENYE). I am surprised at the turn of events in our beloved country at all the fake promises, tribalism and the outdated  KK policies returning.
Why is it that we Zambians have to be  always given a taste of a slice of bread expecting to get the whole loaf and instead be left with crumbs.
This is what the PF did to us but wait and see dear Editor all these grumbling against all the new policies will once again buy all the cheap politics and REINSTATE them again in the next Elections as by now with the current situations you might just realise how Big Hearted we  Zambians  are.
Hardly will we ever accept our mistakes wanting to blame others. I do that too common Zambian culture (apart from my different colour complexion) at the end of the day we got into this mess ourselves and it is for us to fix it through unity remember 2 positives don’t connect so we have only Unity left to aid us and honesty.
Not like the last election we are wearing MMD slogans as we are casting our PF vote.
I know I will be criticised by those who are racist and those who were promised to expect what was mine to be theirs through cheap politics but God made me who I am and am Zambian and intending to remain in my country till the end.
Vote wisely in the next Elections as  We are the only ones who can change the course of Today to Determine a better Tomorrow.
My last words are ‘Unity  is the key to Success’
May our mother Zambia flourish with Pride. Ameen
Ati MWENYE Phiri

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