We have a plan on how to protect votes – HH

I would like to reassure our supporters once again that the UPND has a plan to protect the vote, says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

And Hichilema says despite the current climate of threats and intimidation, his party  will not be diverted from demanding free and fair elections.

‘We remain very focused on the urgent and immediate need to ensure that the voters roll is submitted to serious scrutiny following the publication of evidence in the Post newspaper that shows how the document has been grossly compromised by the registration of foreign nationals on a huge scale,’ he said.

Hichilema said ‘the evidence fits with reports we have been receiving and concerns we have aired previously during our consultation meetings with the ECZ. These concerns should not be subject to superficial dismissals by biased media publications but warrant immediate and urgent examination by the ECZ itself, along with the major electoral stakeholders’.

He explained that the final report on the voters roll expected shortly from the auditors must comprehensively detail and identify these errors so that they can be addressed without delay.  He said that ‘Failure to do so will reveal the bias in their work and undermine our prospects for free and fair elections.

H said ‘the earlier the final voters roll can be released for external scrutiny the better, so as to avoid leaving insufficient time for resolving such concerns’.

‘I would like to reassure our supporters once again that the UPND has a plan to protect the vote. However, we must raise our voices now and call for the cleanup of the register,’ Hichilema said.

Hichilema urged Zambians to turn up in  large numbers on voting day  ‘so that we secure a conclusive first round victory, regardless of the schemes of those scared for their political survival’.


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