We have also declared state of emergency on PF leaders

We have also declared state of emergency on PF leaders


As we await Edgar Lungu to publish information on how he is going to curtail Citizen’s rights and freedoms for three months which he has already been doing anyway, We would like to announce that we are also suspending article 1 of our operations procedure. We are suspending Professional Journalism for three months. For those who will say two wrongs can never make a right we say sorry. This is not a regime to treat with kid gloves. For those others who will detest how we will operate under the suspended article 1 please feel free to watch Dead NBC (znbc) or read Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia though workers have not been paid for seven months, Daily Nation or its sister radio Station Millenium Radio. Under this suspended article we want the big PF goons to feel the way ordinary Zambians will feel under suspended rights and freedoms.

We want them to feel the pain others are going to feel. We know they have amassed alot of wealth so we can not starve them but we will expose what they have stolen. Not those Mansions in State Lodge that Avic built for Lungu. No Lungu will be last. We will start with those who debated in that fake parliament, those who voted for the motion then the mover of the motion Gogo Inonge Wina then Chagwa.

We will expose their extra marital affairs so that their wives feel how others are feeling. We are aware that some Wives are Gold Diggers so they do not care what their husbands do but at least they should know. If there is a better time for us to do this is now. We will expose Gogo Inonge. We have reports that she has an affair with a boy the age of her great Grandson not the Rupiah Banda Thandiwe issue but worse. How she sent her only daughter and husband to our high commission in Malaysia. Anyway that is for another day. We are aware that if we concentrate on exposing their ill acquired wealth, it will not make any difference.

They are all corrupt and the Anti Corruption Commission is moribund. By the way who is ACC Director General? We will expose those who have abandoned Children. As for those who are deliberately infecting young girls and women by having unprotected sex when they know that they are HIV positive we shall expose them. Forget about stigma here. Article 1 has been suspended. People like Lewis Mosho.

We pray that he continues swallowing those tablets because we want him when time comes to answer some questions. He Lewis that Napsa deal. Davis Mwila. He has to continue taking those tablets. We want him alive. By the way Davis Mwila, we here as Home Affairs Minister you influenced the appointment of an ill qualified Girlfriend of yours to be Registrar of Societies leaving qualified people.

A Ms Mhende? Did you tell her about your status? We hope you are using condoms. In developed countries it is a crime to knowingly infect someone.

You can be arrested. The defense chiefs who will be executing this state of emergency. We will go for him. ZAF Commander Chimense Erick. We will ask him who killed his late Deputy General Muliokela Muliokela. We will ask him why the accident report is not published. We will find out how US200000 was spent on an air show in South Africa for two Chinese acquired jets instead of US40000. We will ask Chimense if he has stopped the ritual of bonking his daughter to enhance his hold to power. We will ask Ronald Chitotela if he has not imported fifteen construction vehicles duty free in readiness for subcontracts with Chinese companies that will do the Lusaka Kapiri dual carriage way and Ndola Airport. We will expose his young girlfriend he bangs from his friend’s Lodge called Ndozo in Chilanga. We will find out how he influenced the appointment of his wife as Deputy Director at Ministry of Finance.

By the way why is it that these Chinese are paying alot of money to bribe Lungu and his officials for shortcuts when in China corruption can land you in Gallows? We have alot in our bag but we will firstly start with the one who wants Corpses on the streets. Kampyongo. We will ask him if he is not part of the murder of Lusaka businessman Reeves Malambo. We will ask Kampyongo if he did not differ with Reeves over US600000 money for Mukula brought in by the Chinese whom he facilitated to bring cash through the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. After all the Immigration department is under his control. Ba Kampyongo. You do not need to display more bodies on the streets. You already have Reeves Blood. How much more blood do you need? You are really an Alice Lenshina follower.

Article 1 of our Ops has been suspended. TIT for TAT is a fair game.

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