We have been cheated by PF – Mpulungu health workers

Dear editor please publish this for the sake of the suffering civil servants.

Our December salaries have been deducted in unclear circumstances affecting over 20 health workers,deductions ranging from 800 to 1000 PF value less kwacha.

We are wondering if this is the PF government we voted for which promised us more money in our pockets or now it has changed into paya worker?After enduring a two years wage freeze the least any normal human being can expect is an increament and not deductions with the prevailing harsh economical hardships due to poor economic management by the same government.
When we tried to get clarification over deductions from our incompetent unqualified,arrogant,and highly corrupt Human Resources officer by the name of Danny Sikombe who claims to be a PF cadre and also a close friend to Freedom Sikazwe MP for Mpulungu and Northern Province Deputy Minister.All he told us was that he is untouchable therefore he can do anything he wants with the payroll system without authority from The District Medical Officer or The Provincial Medical Officer,because this PF government is very broke therefore they need money for campaigns next year.Surely Ba watchdog is it ok that we should be subjected to this kind of suffering come 2016 we will teach them a lesson viva HH.

Additionally we challenge the Anti corruption commission northern province kasama office and the Provincial medical officer Dr Francis Bwalya to investigate corrupt activities committed by this unqualified human resources officer as stated below.

1. A stores officer by the name of George Simunyola was convicted for stealing more than 500 bales of mosquito nets in 2014.However this convict continued to receive his salary and got some bank loans when he was still in prison with the help of the corrupt HR until he finished his jail term in October this year.

2. Recruitment of classified daily employees (CDEs) for the new District hospital was characterized of corruption and nepotism,over 80% of those recruited are either his church mates,girl friends or relatives.

3. Soliciting sexual favors from female nurses in exchange for allowances payed through the payroll system if they refuse he arrogantly goes ahead and removes rightful entitlements such as housing allowance,rural hardship and commuted night duty allowances without authority from the controlling officer.

We are very ready to provide documentary evidence for these allegations.
Lastly but not the least we kindly request that the Ministry of Health Headquarters sends a qualified Human resources officer to Mpulungu District Medical Office before the situation gets out of hand.They are so many degree holders who are just suffering in the streets.

Concerned Mpulungu District Health Workers

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William Kabwe
William Kabwe dont worry to much health workers HH will save us u know hw jesus saved us from evil well HH will save us from pf

Gershom Mweete
Gershom Mweete Lets see the PF fight this corruption

Zambian Watchdog
Published by Moyo Banda · 2 hrs ·


This is not a dangerous criminal. It is actually one of the Zampost workers who were peacefully protesting against the removal of K500 allowance from their salaries since June and the company’s intention to put full-time employees on contracts (casualisation).
The PF regime is increasingly becoming afraid of citizens. Any small gathering is met with maximum force in the hope that people will start fearing to gather and demand their rights or dues. This is part of the tactics Lungu has been told to use by Robert Mugabe.

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Catherine Kaindu Mukange
Catherine Kaindu Mukange This is strange, when people call the police that they are attacked the answer is “Tilibe magalimoto na fuel tilibe” when it comes to picking peaceful protesters vehicles with fuel are readily available. Do we have Human Rights Organisations in Zambia?

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Mark Mwikisa Chibala
Mark Mwikisa Chibala Just like Davies Chama said, ther no more strong hold in UPND. I am back online in full force as PF patriotic front candidate, this year i say zero tolerance to unlawful behaviour and be assured that PF with our President Obama Lungu is winning 2016 elections,

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Zambian Watchdog with Mutinta Chowe.
Published by Moyo Banda · 2 hrs ·


IT is clear that we have a dancing and playing President who does not care about what is going on in the lives of the people, says FDD.

FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza, in an interview yesterday, said it was sad that President Edgar Lungu was dancing while the country was going down.

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Lucy Namfukwr
Lucy Namfukwr This party comes once in ayear to just have a lighter moment zambia watchdog is that a big deal for the president to dance bawatchdog come on

Elizah Muswema
Elizah Muswema Awwwwwe he must not dance or go out because of his job….atase. He too is human.get a life….

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Engaging Post
Zambian Watchdog
Published by Moyo Banda · 16 hrs ·


The country has once again been plunged into total darkness, barely a week after suffering another power disaster.

But the government says it does not even know what has caused this latest man made tragedy.

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Oberd Kaoma
Oberd Kaoma In January 2015, there was low voter turn out/ or is it voter apathy as you call it muchizungu, due to floods as a result of heavy rains. Now you are saying the water levels are low, where is our water?#BringBackOurWater.

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Pack Muchi
Pack Muchi One day power will go for good and never come back, wake up people!!

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