‘We have no drugs in Northwestern rural hospitals’

Hi Zambian Watchdog, Please hide my ID .
First Of all I would like to thank you for the Great works you Guys are Doing Because you always give Us first Hand Info. More especially us who works in the out-skirts of this Country Our Reliable Source of News is you!
I can Rest assure you that you are God’s Chosen to be the Voice of the Voiceless for Zambian People. No Wonder the Current Govt has failed to get rid of you. Because the one on you side is More powerful that the Govt of the Day! Therefore Fear not.
Allow me to share my annoyance on your Page which widely Read in Zambia. I’m a Medical personnel Working at Rural Health Centre In N/Western Province. Of late I have Been Sceptical when you guys were Reporting to say PF Gvt is broke I could not understand it well.
Now as I Speak, It has been four Months Gone since we last got our Drug stocks, as for Panadol, Aspirin and Brufen, these drugs Have been out of stocks before 25 Dec2013.

Now what has baffled me is this Yesterday We got our Stocks Only to fide 3 big boxes filled 10 mls syringes, and 2 box of fluids (drip water) that is all. Normally We always receive every month from MSL and these stocks are estimated to last for the Next 3months.Then I asked the Pharmacist who brought those syringes to say why are we not getting our stocks? She said Maybe you are not reporting and quickly we gave her duplicates of the Reports we have been sending to MSL, After she saw the reports she was speechless. Maybe to other districts or Provinces this is not Happening right where I am it is. Worse More it is a hard to Reach place. Its not like in town where people can access drugs from chemist and buy from there.
If Gvt does not stock Our RHC in the Next 2 weeks, we close the Facility. we will go on Forced Paid Leave.
So Govt should not Boast. They Have failed to Run th affairs of the state.

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