We have no hand in high mealie meal prices- Millers

The Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) says it has no hand in the reported high price of mealie meal in some parts of the country.

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Wilbur Simuusa recently challenged the association to explain to the nation the high price of mealie meal in some parts of the country such as Livingstone where a 25Kg bag of breakfast of mealie meal is selling in the range of K70 and K75 despite the market having sufficient maize grain.

MAZ president Allan Sakala has told Qfm news that as far as his association is concerned, the price of mealie meal in the country has gone down following the opening of the 2014-2015 crop marketing season.

Mr. Sakala says on overage, the price of a 25Kg bag of mealie meal is selling between K58.00 and K65.00.

He says this is in view of the association’s recommendation to retailers that they only add an extra K3.00 above the Millers’ prices.

The MAZ president says whatever price the retailers may be selling the commodity at should be best answered by the retailers themselves.

Mr Sakala however states that it is important to take into consideration the fuel price hike in the country besides an increase in the floor price for maize.


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