‘We have secured required number to impeach RB’

The Patriotic Front and United Party for National Development pact says it has secured the two-thirds majority of MPs required to succesfully  impeach president Rupiah Banda.

According to QFM midday news, the pact also says that it has solid grounds upon which to impeach president Rupiah Banda.
PF chairperson for information and publicity given Lubinda says the pact could not have announced its intentions to impeach president Banda if it did not have sufficient grounds to do so.
Speaking on a special QFM interview, Mr Lubinda said the pact has already put together more than twenty seven grounds upon which to impeach president Banda.
He says the pact will not divulge the grounds for the impeachment to avoid giving the MMD ammunition to defend themselves, bearing in mind that as the party in government they are capable of destroying information and evidence before it is provided to parliament.
Mr Lubinda however cites the continued holding of parliamentary office by some members of parliament because of president rupiah Banda’s alleged influence, despite their expulsion from patriotic front as one such example of the breaches of the constitution the president has committed.
He adds that president rupiah Banda further breached the constitution when he reappointed Ms Dora Siliya to cabinet when she had resigned her position and was not fired.
On the two thirds majority required for the impeachment to go through in parliament, Mr Lubinda said some MMD members of parliament and some PF members who are attending the national constitution conference are quickly coming back in order to be part of the impeachment.

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