We have sent more police to use force on Sesheke – Police nose

We have sent more police to use force on Sesheke – Police nose


As Zambia Police, we are concerned with yesterday’s happenings involving political violence in Sesheke District . We would like to categorically state that we will not tolerate any individuals perpetrating violence and that we will sternly deal with any one that would be found wanting.

The Zambia Police Service wishes to state that no live ammunition was fired by our officers that were dispersing the unruly crowd in Sesheke yesterday. We also wish to further clarify that no life was lost yesterday as a result of this fracas. As Zambia Police we have since reinforced our officers on the ground to deal with any further disturbances in the area. I therefore call upon all police officers to ensure that they use proportionate force in ensuring that violence is brought to a stop. The police will institute an inquiry to bring to book all those that could have perpetuated this violence.
We are appealing to the electorates of Sesheke and all political parties participating in the Sesheke bye-election to exercise restraint and tolerance as required in a civilized democratic society during and after the elections.


9th February, 2019

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    sam Zimba 1 week ago

    currently we need to be straight with things and not basing on politicking . We need to be honest Let us start with corruption there is bad example by the President, very unfortunate with what he has done by exposing himself that he leads corrupt ministers who also have full information on what he also is doing. Remember No one was born to be life President, one day all these Ministers who think they have arrived will be out very soon. Remember taking people for granted is bad, do not think people are fools, they are watching you. From Katondo or chisokone Market does not make you an intelligent ministers and all these are fools and start stealing money from poor people.
    Sesheke issue why should you engage innocent people into fighting both leaders are not straight no one is thinking straight. People of seshek rise up wake up the people you are fighting for will not bring any food in your house but misery like what PF has brought about today.

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    Muntu 1 week ago

    It is not political violence. It is state violence. It is not cadres fighting cadres but PF in police uniform shooting at people. Kanganja is very dull.

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    Chisha Banda 1 week ago

    As a matter of fact accusing someone to be a witch and practicing witchcraft is an offense. The opposition can sue the PF SG in his personal capacity. Maybe this is the way to teach this grade seven manners.

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    Muntu Bulyo 1 week ago

    What is happening in this failed state of Zambia is very worrying. This is a rainy season and someone is struck by lightening at a PF camp, the the SG of all people for sure is the first one to accuse the opposition of Practicing witchcraft. How many people are struck by lightening every year in Luapula Province. Has it been scientifically proved that each time someone is hit by lighting then there should be witch craft involved. It is like a situation of an old man in a village that when he dies then someone should have bewitched him. as a nation this is not productive. No wonder the PF SG can not not contest a seat to become an MP because the reasoning is very weird.

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    Musumali Liyunga 1 week ago

    What is PF in reality afraid of. Even if they lose Sisheke seat, they will still have the majority in Parliament. But the idea of imposing themselves on Zambians is what is worrying. Heavy police presence in the area is uncalled for. At the end of the day, the Zambian state is proving to be occupying force on Barotseland.

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    James tembo 1 week ago

    Kanganja, is ass hole, who is not fit to become IG, libongani was better that this idiot.

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    kubweka 1 week ago

    Whoever has those ammunition shells must keep them safe and an independent forensic must be done to acertain what calibre they were discharged from. ZP nder Kanganja has turned their guns on the very people they swear to protect, it is sad when a parent turns his weapon on his own children to protect himself and the masters of a new lifestyle.

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    Tasila 1 week ago

    The police were firing live ammunition pipo are not deaf . The only solution here is to send bees and thunder strike to all those firing live ammunition 

  • comment-avatar
    Mainza 1 week ago

    Accessing weapons is the preserve of PF and Police. Ethnically tilted police have pervese and tilted motive

  • comment-avatar

    Most useless IG this country has had.