We have the first online national lottery in Zambia

Finally, Zambians can take pride in their first online Zambian lottery. This exciting news comes in the wake of a growing demand for a convenient way of participating in the lottery. All that you need to know about the new Zambian lottery will be discussed here.

What is LottoZambia.com?

Lotto Zambia is the newest and the first-ever online Zambian lotto. The company behind this success, Dreamcall Zambia Limited, is purely Zambian with its headquarters in Rhodes Park, Lusaka.


Dreamcall Zambia acquired a working license from the Zambian Gaming and Lotteries Authority. The Authority certified Dreamcall Zambia Limited to operate Lotto Zambia legally in the country.

As the first online lottery in Zambia, Lotto Zambia has excited the hearts of many people who have always wanted to participate in the lottery but could not because of the inconveniences of having to buy the ticket physically.


Lotto Zambia uses advanced software supplied by a leading British software company, GG International Ltd. This software is an assurance to users that the draws in the Zambian online lottery are transparent.

Games available

There are three online lotteries that you can play and stand a chance to win amazing prizes. The three games are GG World Keno, GG World X, and GG World Million.

You can play these games from the comfort of your living room or while on the go for they are accessible anywhere provided you have a phone or a computer.

You can also download the games as applications on the Android or iOS app stores. This is why Lotto Zambia is the most flexible lottery option in the region.

How to Play the Games?

As mentioned, there are three gaming options i.e. GG World Keno, GG World X, and GG Million. Let’s have a quick look at how easy it is to play these games and win the Zambian lottery.

How to play GG World?

You simply need to follow the steps below:

  • Log in or register an account if you don’t have one
  • Choose your preferred payment method to make a deposit. Keep in mind that single line costs K5
  • Pick your lucky numbers, either manually or allow the system to generate the numbers for you using the quick-pick tool. The numbers must be picked at least one hour before the draw
  • Click on buy ticket once you have finished buying the tickets. As simple as that, you have already created a ticket for a draw.

How do I check my ticket?

You simply need to click on your account tab then open the tickets tab. This will help you to confirm that you have placed a ticket.

How to play GG World Keno?

Follow the steps below to participate in this game:

  • Decide the numbers that you would like to pick. In this game, the more numbers you pick, the bigger the win. You have the choice to pick up to 10 numbers per ticket
  • The next step is for you to choose a stake. You can either opt for the basic stake or a multiplier. Of course, bigger wins come from higher stakes
  • The third step is picking the numbers. You can pick your numbers within the range of 1-70. You can either pick them manually or use the quick-pick tool to select the numbers for you
  • You can add more lines if you want
  • Then choose the number of draws in which you want to participate
  • Wait and check the results if you have won the Zambian lottery.

Clearly, the games are so easy to play, and you don’t need prior knowledge of playing the lottery to participate in Lotto Zambia.

How Much Can You Win?

When playing the Zambian lotto, you can win as much as you want. It all depends on how much you are putting to stake.

For example, if you are playing GG World Keno and you chose 10 numbers with an x10 stake, your winnings could be K100,000,000.00.

For the jackpot, there is a rollover if no winner is announced, thus, the winnings are increased by the day.

The secret to winning the Zambian lottery is having more tickets. Remember, there are small prizes from K3,000, which you can start winning if you match a few numbers in the draw.

How to Check Zambian Lotto Results?

Once you have submitted your tickets, it is easy to track them and stay updated on the latest draws. If you want to check the latest Zambian Lotto results, you can click here and compare your numbers with the official winning numbers. The official website constantly updates the latest draws and also has an archive of the past draws, thus, you can check your previous winnings if you were not able to check them earlier. If you are using your phone, you can either go to the official website or use the application to check the draws. If you click on your tickets tab, you will see the draws related to your ticket.

Collecting the winnings: if you have won the Zambian lottery, you will be notified with the instructions on how to collect your money. Winnings up to K3000 are sent directly to the registered account (MTN account). If you win more than K3000, you will need to present yourself to confirm your identity and receive your winning.

If you win the jackpot, you will be contacted and given instructions on how to pick your money. You will have up to six months to pick your winning.

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