We haven’t abolished Secretary to Treasury position-Scott

We haven’t abolished Secretary to Treasury position-Scott

Vice-President Guy Scott has told parliament that the office of Secretary to the Treasury has not been abolished.

And Scott explained to parliament that president Michael Sata decided to create ministries then seek parliamentary approval later.

On October 18, the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini directed Scott to explain to parliament why government abolished  the position of Secretary to the Treasury, a position that was created by Parliament under the Public Finance Act No. 15 of 2005.

But Scott amused MPs when he said the position has not been abolished and that President Sata has already appointed someone as the controlling officer.

On Merging of ministries and creation of others, Scott  said President Sata would have sought parliament approval before establishing the Government ministries but that parliament was not sitting at the time.
“The President had to assign people to ministries, therefore, he had to establish the ministries he wanted and later seek Parliament approval because it was not sitting at the time he made these decisions,” he said.

On October 4, Sata announced that he had abolished the position of secretary to the tresuary.

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