We havent arrested any one in Sajid murder-Police

Police in Lusaka say they have not made any arrests regarding the murder of Cyclone Hardware & Construction owner Sajid Itowala.

Police spokesperson Bonnie Kapeso told the Watchdog that the matter is under investigation. He declined to give further details.

“No we haven’t made any arrest. The status is that the matter is under investigation,” Said Mr. Kapeso in a phone interview.

Mr. Sajid Itowala was a prominent businessman in the construction industry in Zambia. He was brutally murdered last week in a mafia style. His body was found in his Benz Car about 100 meters from a police post in Lusaka west. The car was locked. His body showed three gun wounds and broken limbs.

Meanwhile, all the outlets belonging to Mr. Itowala have been closed following his killing. A check by the Watchdog in Lusaka on Cyclone outlets revealed that the outlets have been closed since last week.

Kapeso in white shirt

Kapeso in white shirt

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