‘We haven’t been paid for Zone VI supplies’

Dear editor

I’m writing to complain again about the Ministry of Sport who has failed to pay companies that helped the PF Government to succeed in organizing the just ended Zone VI games hosted by Zambia.

The all arrangement by the Local Organizing Committee under the then appointed Chief Executive Officer Ms. Bessie Chelemu was going to be a mess should we the local supplier denied this hard working woman an opportunity to offer the PF Government un-secured credit facilities because of no purchase orders.

In spite of Ms. Chelemu being a hard worker, as suppliers, we feel abandoned and neglect by this woman who at one point bended to the point of collapsing if we declined her requests of not giving her the services. This woman cheated us by assuring us that payments were to be made in the shortest possible period of time and yet she new behind her mind that things were not in order.

The order of the day concerning this matter is that of telling us that the Ministry of Finance has not yet released the money meant to clear outstanding arrears. One surprising thing about all this is that ZNBC was paid billions of kwacha to air the games but there was no money to pay non-Government institutions or in other words companies runned by the private sector. In whole honest, Minister Chishimba Kambwili should have stood up and thanked this noble men and women for having helped the situation from failing and asked whoever is responsible to pay the suppliers to do so.

It was strange for the PF to understand why the MMD were holding on to due payments of suppliers when services were provided but its now normal for Minister Kambwili and her Permanent Secretary Ms. Agness Musunga to turn their heads away  from what people are complaining about, in fact the Local Organizing Committee is about to be dissolved, who will justify the Government failure to honour its pledge through the LOC ?

As suppliers, we are informing Minister Kambwili that we are not going to sit idle if these payments will not be effected within the course of two weeks. It is and it has happened in many countries the latest being our next door neighbor South Africa where it’s a order of the day to riot if the Government is to act.

Surely we don’t need the un-well President to intervene in this matter if payments are to be made. Spare the old man alone for he has a lot at his table that really require his attention.

Concerned Supplier.

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