‘We haven’t been paid’, says civil servant

Greetings ZWD. I am a civil servant. My battery has drained cheecking on my xapit line for my september salary. This is 18hrs and my account is still in trouble.

Its exactly 35 days (from 18 August) since I last got my August salary. We were supposed to get our money by yestaday.

You have your own way of digging the truth from even ba Lungu’s office. Pliz help us trace what has caused the delay. After all it is you who told us centuries ago that GRZ is broke. Now we are seing sense in what u were saying. Or could it be because ministry of finance has been loadshed. Thus they can’t wire the money to the banks. Kaya. Allow me to advise my frends too. The prices of every thing has gone up. Shop wisely when the changes are realesed. Hide my I’d sir/madam

ZWD comment: Don’t worry, once they see this they will pay within a few hours even it means printing the money.

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