We knew that HH‘s treason charge was trumped up- Antonio Mwanza

FDD Deputy National Secretary Antonio Mwanza has charged that it was clear from the beginning that the treason charges against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema were trumped up and meant to punish and eliminate him from the political scene.
Mwanza stressed that Hichilema did not deserve to undergo the dehumanising treatment and warned that all those behind his incarceration will one day be accountable.
He has urged the PF to stop using state institutions to sort out their political opponents adding that it was immoral, evil and backward.
Hichilema and five others were brutally arrested in April and charged with a fake charge of treason.
Among the trumped up charges was that on 5th and 8th April 2017, Mr. Hichilema and his co-accused conspired to usurp state power by according the UPND leader a status of the republican President in Western Province after he was received by huge crowds at the Kuomboka ceremony.
In the 2nd overt act, it was alleged that the suspects blocked the motorcade of Republican President in Western province, a move that would have endangered the life of the Head of state.
But during cross examination in a case where the police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja sued Chilufya Tayali, Kanganja admitted that Hichilema had been cleared by the police to be on the road but Edgar Lungu’s motorcade later followed behind.

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