We know the people fighting Lungu in PF, says Siliya


Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya last night revealed that there was a cartel within the PF that are working against President Edgar Lungu and would want him replaced.

Siliya was hosting a private function at her residence where they were having a drink up organised by Chipata Central PF aspiring candidate Amon Jere and other former MMD colleagues but now in PF.

“We know their schemes of wanting to remove Edgar Lungu as Presidential candidate because they feel they own the party and presidency. They think President Edgar Lungu was just put there as a caretaker when late President Michael Sata died,” revealed a source who was party of the in-house function.

Siliya mentioned among others people like PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, Justice Minister Given Lubinda, Commerce Minister Christopher Yaluma, Lands Minister Jean Kapata, Nkandu Luo and some senior government and PF officials.

“These people were busy cheating my brother Edgar that Bill 10 would go through without fail yet in the background they were encouraging the UPND MPs to get the money but stay away from voting. I know my brother Edgar released a lot of money for this project. Some of the people who were given the assignment to entice the UPND MPs ended pocketing the money. The worst culprits are those who were given money to give independent MPs. We are in government and surely we failed to convince independent MPs who are not answerable to the UPND. That should be very embarrassing and the cartel are well known because they know they won’t be adopted in 2021. So their only survival is to remove Edgar Lungu as PF Presidential candidate. They want the Presidency to go back to the North or Luapula,” Siliya lamented.

She accused fellow PF ministers and senior party officials of now scheming with the opposition to challenge Edgar Lungu’s candidature in court so that he’s knocked out of the race.

“The problem with our brother he takes long to act on some of these known people. We have traitors within and I have been telling him to act, but he’s not taking action. They are busy misleading him on a number of issues including economic matters. Even ba Bwalya Ngandu at Ministry of Finance is deliberately misleading EL. Ba Bwalya Ngandu is eyeing the Presidency that’s why he’s not giving strong arguments to the bondholders,” complained Siliya in a meeting that ended around midnight.

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