We mean well on Sata’s health, but tell us the truth- insists Nevers Mumba

MMD leader Nevers Mumba says the people of Zambia mean well when they show concern about President Michael Sata’s wellbeing.

Dr Mumba has also advised Zambians to desist from talking ill about President Sata even as they demand to be told the truth about his wellbeing.

He says much as government has tried hard to put an end to the speculations over the President’s wellbeing, the people of Zambia still want to be addressed formally by the President.

Dr Mumba notes that speculation can at times be blown out of proportion, hence the need to clear the speculation surrounding the President’s wellbeing once and for all.

But Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda says President Michael Sata’s health should not be a subject of debate.

Mr. Lubinda has told Qfm News in an interview that it is unnecessary for anyone to try and gain popularity by debating the health of the President.

He says he sees no logic in making President Sata’s health a topical issue.


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