We need answers on issues we raised to Commonwealth not pettiness- HH

We need answers on issues we raised to Commonwealth not pettiness- HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has urged PF cadres condemning the opposition petitioning of the PF government to the Commonwealth to honestly and genuinely address the issues raised in their petition than concentrating on petty issues.

Mr. Hichilema said it is surprising that PF leaders and cadres like Sakeni want to peddle half baked media statements written elsewhere that dwell on trivialities such as why holding the meeting in South Africa and opposition seeking asylum in another country instead of giving answers to the issues raised.

He said he is also surprised at the level of panic in the PF regime over the opposition leaders petition that clearly shows that they never expected it and that they are guilty.

“People who write statements for Sakeni should tell us whether it is not true that our freedoms to hold rallies and meetings have not been curtailed”? Is it not true that some of us are facing court litigation for merely visiting our people in various places such as market?” Is not true that our Kanyama rally was cancelled on flimsy grounds that the police would be at the stadium yet they found policemen to block the rally? Is it not true that our Chawama rally was cancelled?,” Hichilema asked.

“Where was Mr. Sakeni and president Sata when our people were beaten in Kabwata after his party sent thugs to a rally that was initially cancelled, but only granted permission after UPND insisted to go ahead”, Mr. Hichilema question.

Mr. Hichilema said it should not bother anyone where they held the press conference and it is petty to dwell on lies such as seeking asylum even when the people being referred to have already returned back home.

He said in case people have short memories, Sata himself addressed several meeting outside the country as an opposition leader trying to champion his party’s propaganda.

“Was it not Mr. Sata who even lost a passport in UK claiming a Chinese porter had stolen it when he was going to address a meeting in America? Was is not Mr. Sata who was even deported from Malawi for conducting his opposition activities? Can Mr. Sakeni tell Zambians what Mr. Sata was doing in South Africa when authorities there confiscated US$27,000 at the airport which he has not claimed up to now? Mr. Hichilema asked.

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