We need the IMF, Mutati tells Lungu

We need the IMF, Mutati tells Lungu


MMD faction president Felix Mutati has warned Edgar Lungu and other PF officials against engaging in ‘idle’ and ‘aimless’ debates on the country’s engagement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

When he declared the state of emergence, Lungu was heard yapping that if the IMF does not agree with his dictatorship, they can go. ‘If the IMF want to go because of this (state of emergency) , let them go. If the IMF feels we have gone beyond the norms of good governance and democracy…they are free to go.

He continued, like the fool he is:

“But I say it again, if they think we have gone astray, let them go…Fear nothing, the country is in safe hands.’

But Mutati, who is also the PF minister of Fonance says such negative statements are unprogressive.

Speaking when he featured on a ZNBC special programme, Mutati said Zambia was too poor to select who could help its fiscal position.

“Let’s bring ideas to the table than engaging in premature debates about the programme. The debates should be how can they help and think together with government’s collective wisdom? how can we enhance this performance so that it is much more solid, much more injective, much more inclusive for the people of Zambia? This is a critical point, that should be the debate,” Mutati said.

“You can’t begin to say that we don’t need it, how are you going to grow the economy? You don’t need China, how are you going to grow the economy? You don’t need EU, how are you going to grow the economy? Our economy is so small, so the issue is not selecting A, B, C, D or E. It the combination of everybody for us to grow the economy, so the debate shouldn’t be aimless about selecting, how can you select when you are so poor? We are not yet there,” he said.

“Until we get there the choices are limited so let’s not have this idle debate, do we need them? that’s not the debate, the debate should be how do we grow, stabilize and grow the economy? How do we create the jobs, how do we bring in investments that should be the argument?”


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