‘We need to get rid of such bad eggs from police’

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 08.04.19This policeman (in picture) is a disgrace to the police service. I was travelling from Lusaka to Chipata. As we approached Luangwa turn off (about 4km away), we found a police officer standing on the road with no beacons and no any other identity apart from the uniform.
Immediately, this seemingly drunk police man stopped us and told my driver to pack the vehicle and asked for his Driver’s License which he obliged. Learning that it was a government vehicle, the man judging from his behavior that he was looking for nothing else but money probably to clear his beer bills, charged my driver for over speeding.
This caught my attention and decided to intervene because being a curve with irritating humps there is no way a normal person could over speed. In fact, the vehicle was moving at 40km/hr. When I reminded him that he has no proof for his case because he had no speed trap gadget, he then decided to change the case to read “failure to obey traffic signs” and that this offense attracts a fine of k300.00.
I immediately realized we will not go anywhere with this man. I produced a k300.00 and gave my Driver to pay and ensure that a GRZ receipt is produced. My driver was given an “Admission of guilty” and not a GRZ receipt.
This man who only introduced himself upon being pressurized to disclose his indentity, as “In-Charge for Luangwa, carried govt documents in his private Toyota Carina not to provide public good services but his own corrupt intentions.
Being a responsible citizen, I intend to take this matter further so as to get rid of such elements in our police service which is doing tremendous work within the resource constrained environment.
These elements left unchecked are actually tarnishing the image of the police service and appear to work against the interests of government and Zambian people.

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