We only sent one spy to Kambwili’s house – police


Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga claims that police did not surround Chishimba Kambwili’s house as he posted in his Facebook .

Kambwili revealed that 25 armed police officers and six others from the Office of the President besieged his Luanshya residence yesterday.

“As soon as I came out of my yard, police officers began to scamper in all directions but I managed to follow one car and confronted the officers. When I asked them what crime I have committed for me to be harassed in this manner, they had no answer,” Kambwili wrote..

The Roan member of Parliament accused the police of trailing him and allegedly abusing their authority.

But Mrs Katanga described Mr Kambwili’s accusations as baseless fabrications.

“We can never harass him. He should not drag the name of the police to the media. It’s not true that police officers were trailing him or manning his house because we don’t have enough manpower to do so,” she said.

Katanga however admitted that a plain-clothes officer was sent to Kambwili’s house yesterday after police received information that he was scheduled to have a press briefing.

“Today [Sunday], we received information that the former minister wanted to have a press briefing. So, as per routine we sent a plain-cloth officer to check the situation, we didn’t send armed officers,” she said.

Why should the police check on citizens who are merely holding press briefings? What kind of country is this one becoming where people have to be surrounded by police to hold press briefings m?

She also said on Saturday, police officers were dispatched to Mpatamatu township to provide security at a Patriotic Front meeting where its conveners received information that Kambwili’ supporters planned to cause confusion.


  • Charity Katanga shu be proffesional like other comisioners,why is she more of a cadre than a senior cop?she is still young and can contribute to this country in a better way her officers are complaining and now citizens?

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    Mwebe mumbi 8 months

    Katanga, you are an idiot. Why in the first place go to someone’s house. The police in this country, is like dogs. They need to be taken to school to learn more. Katanga, I repeat, leave CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI alone. You are a BIG IDIOT


  • Why spying on some ones private premises ?

  • Kuloleshafye. I have no time for commenting on such issues bakulu they know what they are doing. I only have time to find ifyakulya.

  • No stays in power forever great leaders for this world who once abused power were are they today?those are very good examples to learn from.

  • Whether dictator Edgar Lungu sent 1 or 15 OP and uniformed police or not,Kambwili is paying for his foolishness of having supported the dictatorship all along.
    All those who support the PF’s lawlessness will also suffer in the same manner.

  • Its pay back time. The earlier the better.

  • Kikikikiki bakaponya in government uniform…yaba!

  • How can one policeman scamper in all directions when kambwili came out, is he the matrix?

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      Sokosi Jere 8 months

      pwahahahaha. This is the best I’ve read in a while.

      One man scampered in all directions.


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      phwaaaaaaa police can u pliz rest home with yo children stop watching thru the Windows pliz,leave chishimba alone..remember that one day u I’ll not be in power ad those pipo you’re prosecuting I’ll be in power too wat I’ll happen

  • Even one is intimidation. He was your minister just yesterday.

  • Why Follow Him His Used To Talking, Kumuleka Fye It Does Affect Any1

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    webman 8 months

    Imwe Akambwili, of all the media outlets, its only the ZWD which is giving you favourable coverage. What have you got to say about them now since you spewed all manner of venom against them at some time and inviting the chinese to closed them down?

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    wild cat 8 months

    Kambwili, Invest in 10 good cameras. Take the time to have your mimbulu and guards take pictures of vehicles and people tailing you. Running around like a buffalo in a china shop is dull.

    Show proof and shame the government, otherwise its their word against yours. Also, get some scoundrels in the PF police and shushushu wings to start informing you of people, places, times, orders, sources of orders and such like.

    Be like Michael Sata who would know the names, ranks and man numbers of all people that were hassling him.

    Be informed.

    However, Mr. Kambwili, for the rubbish that you caused last year the shit that is being visited on you is chickens coming home to roost. It is a lesson for all that think their shit does not stink today in the PF regime. Tomorrow we will see the huge houses you leave as you die or run away.

  • If CK got pictures let him post them so that we have definitive proof as to who is truthful. The small admission from the police commissioner says a hell of a lot.

  • POLICE have warned former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili against allegedly dragging the name of the service into disrepute through the media.
    Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that police have no intentions of harassing Dr Kambwili.
    Mrs Katanga said this in response to Dr Kambwili’s accusations that police on the Copperbelt are harassing him.
    Dr Kambwili alleged that 25 armed police officers and six others from the Office of the President besieged his Luanshya residence yesterday.
    In a message posted on his Facebook page, Dr Kambwili accused the police of harassing him

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    Mumbi Phiri 8 months

    Ati, Yes! we sent one officer in plain clothes! Dull Chaps, Go to School and be schooled on public defense. The fact is you sent some officers, FOR WHAT?? Naimwe ba Katanga??? Be Smart.Little did I know Police Officers are such Dull Homosapiens from Spermatozoa species.

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      Easter 8 months

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