We protected MMD when people like Nyangu went into hiding – Lusambo

We protected MMD when people like Nyangu went into hiding – Lusambo

lusamboPress statement for immediate release


It has become apparent over the past few weeks that some elements in the MMD would rather see the Die Hard Youth movement banned.

The statement attributed to Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu threatening to ban the existence of our vibrant group goes to confirm that there is an evil scheme within the MMD to annihilate us from the political scene.

The attempts by Mr Nyangu to write us letters threatening to ban the MMD Die Hard are nothing but laughable.

It is almost comical for Mr Nyangu to issue threatening statements against the very organisation that he personally used to his benefit when it suited him.

The MMD Die Hard has existed to protect the party’s interests against individuals with questionable, narrow and selfish interests.

Any keen follower and supporter of the MMD will appreciate the amount of sacrifice that members of the MMD Die Hard have had to endure to ensure that the MMD remained a strong and resilient political party.

Mr Nyangu and all those wishing to see us banned went into hiding in the aftermath of the 2011 general election defeat, the MMD Die Hard went out to convince the general MMD membership that we shall bounce back. The MMD Die Hard participated in every available platform to reassure Zambians that the MMD was still relevant and vibrant.

When everybody including Mr Nyangu did not want to associate themselves with the MMD, we went out and sang MMD slogans publicly, risking our lives and those of our members.

We were threatened with death but we soldiered on using the very platform that Mr Nyangu and his cronies today want to see banned.

The MMD Die Hard is a legitimate movement within the broader MMD family with shared democratic ideals and values. The MMD Die Hard has been around since the days of late President Levy Mwanawasa and shall never cease to exist.

Our humble advice to people like Mr Nyangu is to simply encourage us to play our role of protecting our beloved MMD.

Mr Nyangu will do well to concentrate on party administration which includes disciplining truant members who are causing divisions by calling for an illegal extraordinary national convention.

We find it odd that Mr Nyangu who appears keen on meting disciplinary action against the MMD Die Hard appears disinterested in bringing to book cantankerous members causing anarchy in the party.

We wish to reaffirm that our role in the MMD is not destructive but constructive. The MMD should concentrate on rebuilding ahead of 2016 and that demands that all members contribute and that goes for the MMD Die Hard too.

Mr Nyangu and other leaders opposed to our existence should do a little self-introspection to find out how they personally benefitted from the existence of the MMD Die Hard.

We again wish to reaffirm in clear terms that we will never die because we are MMD Die Hard.

Issued by: Bowman Lusambo-National Coordinator-MMD Die Hard 

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