We shall continue campaigning for our party- Nkombo

We shall never be intimidated by any malice and innuendos as UPND will continue campaigning for the party and president Hakainde Hichilema until 2016, says UPND Mazabuka Central Constituency MP Garry Nkombo.

Speaking shortly before Parliament adjourned Nkombo said PF campaigned from day one after every election loss until the next election and the UPND will continue party mobilisations and campaigns until 2016 elections.

“Mr. Speaker sir, any attempts by the police to stop us from campaigns will be met with resistance and even fully force by the UPND as we shall continue carrying out the message of hope for the suffering masses until a responsible UPND government takes over in 2016 through Hakainde Hichilema,” he told the house.

And Nkombo warned that the opposition will continue with the people’s demands for a new constitution before 2016 elections.

“In fact Mr. Speaker let me declare that we shall not be intimidated by small things in this house. We want our constitution before president Michael Sata comes to open the next session of parliament in September. If there will be no constitution by the time president Sata comes into this house to open parliament, we shall do something extra-ordinarily between where you and Mr. Sata will be seated Mr. Speaker and those lions and leopards in the house. And PF will cry Mr. Speaker,” he said amid approval from other opposition MPs.

Nkombo also bemoaned the lower level and caliber of ministers in the house, especially when responding to questions in the house.

‘Mr. Speaker, I was going to use the word mediocrity by ministers but I wont use because it is unparliamentary. It is the first time in my more than eight years in parliament when I have seen so point of orders due to failure by ministers to give satisfactory answers on the floor of the house. Can you imagine some ministers even failing to answer on what is the shortest route between Lusaka and Western province and Lusaka and North-western province.

Contributing on the same motion for adjournment, Katuba UPND MP Jonas Shakafuswa said he expected peaceful campaigns in the forth-coming Mangango and ward by-elections.

“Mr. Speaker, I have to declare interest that I am going for campaigns in Mangango and I do not expect problems there. We should live as one another and cherish the peace we are enjoying and the spirit of brotherly-hood must continue.. But I should declare that as UPND, we shall arrest any hired trouble-maker in Mangango constituency because we want a peaceful election there,” he said.

Mwandi MMD MP Michael Kaingu said he was afraid of going back to his constituency because of the many failed promises by the PF.


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