We shall escort HH to police – Edward Mumbi

UPND  supporters and other sympathisers will go with Hakainde Hichima go to the police station today, Edaward Mumba vowed Monday Morning.

But a police spokesperson  Charity Chanda said Hichilema will be interrogated behind walls and therefore cadres will have no chance to enter.

She said the police have put measures to prevent cadres from entering the premises as Police Headquarters is surrounded by a wall fence unlike Lusaka Central which is in the open. She said the wall will work to the advantage of the police.

But UPND presidential aide Edward Mumbi said Hichilema is a politician and has supporters. He said his supporters will not allow him to go alone. He said Hichilema will be alone in the interogation room with police and lawyers but that supporters will sorround the police heaquaters.

Mumbi was quoted by Radio Phoenix Monday morning.

Mumbis said that in fact there was no need to interrogate Hichilema over a matter where he was already questioned.

Mumbi said when Hichilema was questioned last time about his statement on the PF training militia in Sudan, he opted to exercise his constitutional right to remain silent and a warn and caution statesman was recorded.

Mumbi said what is remaining now is therefore a formal arrest and going to court to which he said his party is ready.


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