We shall eventually defeat Sata and M’membe on constitution

We heartily and 100 per cent support the efforts by students from our public universities and colleges to force PF president Michael Sata and his type to enact the new constitution.
In that regard, we urge students from private universities and colleges across the country to also join these efforts. After all they are the majority. They are more than the students in public learning institutions.
Pupils from secondary school also must not be left out. Join in. This is your time and opportunity to be a freedom fighter, a hero. 10 years from now you will proudly tell others that ‘I was there when we forced government to give us a proper constitution.’
We defeated Sata and Chiluba when they tried to go for a third time in 2001. We shall defeat Sata now. It is just a matter of time.
We urge young people to join this fight because they owe it to society. This is the group which brought this mess and curse called PF on the country. They, in defiance of logic and advice from older people who have been living with Sata for a long time and therefore know the evil in Sata went and voted for him.
Young people must therefore take responsibility.
We are further happy to see that students want to go about this as a separate ‘army’.
On face value, this is okay. But we think that the reasons given by the students to fight alone are neither genuine no valid.
The students claim that they are the only ones who understand the constitution and have energy or things like that.
This is not true. Most older people in employment, retirement or just not doing anything understand the need for a progressive and modern constitution better than most students.
It is simply not true to say that students understand the constitution or the need thereof better than MPs or NGO leaders.
Besides, as to who understands the constitution better is irrelevant.

The statement about being more energetic is also debatable. Besides, we are not going to pick up arms, though a bit of running may be required at some stage – if we go the Ukrainian way that is.
But we are sure and hopeful it won’t go that far.
In our view, the students want to go it alone because they do not want to be tainted with the corruption associated with politicians and NGOs in Zambia. To that extent, we agree. Students must not only be corrupt free but must be seen to be so.
This is not a fight for one individual or segment of society. It is for each and every one of us as individuals and as a country. It is not for any political party as it transcends political affiliations.
From our vantage point, the greatest danger or threat we see to students’ independence in this fight is not the NGOs or opposition forces; it is the PF government.
They will come to you at night with offers, first of money. If you resist the financial offers, they will threaten you.
We are sure some of you have already been visited. They will tell you to denounce your friends and read statements written by government officials. They know your weaknesses and will prey on that. They have been in this game longer.
That is the danger will see. That is why, to some extent, it is better to stand side by side with people fighting the same battle.
But, students are free to fight this the way they see fit. What is important is that the PF must give us the constitution without further ado. And it must be a constitution that contains our aspirations as submitted in the Will Mung’omba Commission. Any attempts to give us an animal constitution should be rejected even more vehemently that the demands to have it.
We are happy however to see that almost everybody is joining in this cause. The Oasis Forum is engaging people in Eastern province at great risk to individual members.
Opposition MPs must continue their current efforts. This coming week they should not allow any other business to be conducted in parliament apart from the enactment of the constitution. We want the constitution.
They should not listen to that Patrick Matibini or his boyfriend Fred M’membe who is trying to intimidate MPs by writing useless editorials.

We need a modern constitution not an animal constitution like the one Sata says we should have.
A constitution gives us rights as citizens. It defines and sets the limits of the powers of those who govern us. It tells us what we are entitled to and what we can demand as of right.
It tells us when and who we can give the right to control our lives in the form of voting. It is the most important document in our country second only to the Bible, for believers.
It tells us who is a Zambian and who is not. Without a constitution there will be no order or right. It is because of the constitution that soldiers, despite controlling guns still obey civilians. It is because the constitution says soldiers shall be subordinate to elected civilians. It is a powerful document that no one should rubbish and compare to animals.

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