We shall make electricity more expensive – vows Lungu


Edgar Lungu says the PF regime has no choice but to increase electricity tariffs “otherwise Zambia’s economy will completely collapse”.

Last week, the bid by Lungu’s regime to borrow billions from IMF failed due to human rights abuses and lack of a proper program. So now they will make the poor people even further.

And Lungu says there is no need to dialogue with UPND as he is already having dialogue with the MMD. He said those who want to dialogue with him must accept the results of 2016.

Speaking during the labour day in Lusaka today said:

“The need for us to increase electricity tariffs cannot be compromised or negotiated. I am afraid, if it means you voting me out in 2021, please do so. I will not make decisions just to keep myself in office because there is life beyond my term of office”.

And Lungu said he woke up to the news that DEBS offices in Kafue have been burnt.

“If you are asking for dialogue among stakeholders, I talk to MMD, I talk to all the political parties we listen to each other but only one political party is mischievous and then you are saying that I should find room for dialogue, there is room for dialogue already. Those that want to dialogue in this matter just accept the results wait for 2021 and move on, that’s what is expected. Not to say no, there is tension in the country, I woke up this morning only to be told that Kafue DEBS [office] has been burnt, and you are talking to me about dialogue, what dialogue is there? So I would urge the social dialogue that is growing in the labour movement and employers to be extended to the politicians so that we move on. Otherwise I have not refused to dialogue with anyone, bring a case, tell me let’s meet and talk and I will meet you and we talk.”

At the same function, Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) President Chishimba Nkole said Zambia was grappling with unprecedented political violence.

Nkole called for an end to tribalism, saying it had impacted badly on the country’s economy.

No one is even asking Kaminaminsa to be tolerant. People are telling him  to stop abusing state institutions and stop being a dictator because he does not own this country.

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