We shall win Mpulungu, Chilanga-RB

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda has said MMD would emerge victorious in both the Mpulungu and Chilanga parliamentary by-elections.

Speaking at the airport in Lusaka when he left for Mpulungu yesterday, President Banda said the MMD was ready to retain both seats even though the opposition wanted to portray that the ruling party was losing support.

And when he arrived in Mpulungu to address a series of rallies to drum up support for the MMD candidate Given Mung’omba, Mr Banda said the MMD was ready physically and mentally to campaign and retain the Mpulungu Constituency.

“This election is critical because the opposition want to make it look as though our party is dwindling and would therefore try by all means to win the by-election,” Mr Banda said.

He said Mpulungu constituency belonged to the MMD and it should continue that way after the October 25 Mpulungu by-election.

The MMD members should work hard to win the upcoming election and must not allow the opposition to emerge winners.

He said MMD was the only party that had nationwide support unlike the opposition parties that attracted sections of particular people only.

Mr Banda said MMD members should also work hard to win the 2011 general elections that were equally critical for the party.

He said he was happy to see so many residents of Mbala and Mpulungu dressed in MMD party attire saying he was hopeful that in 2011 the Northern Province would also be in ‘blue’.

Mr Banda said the MMD had remained solid despite attacks because of members like those in Northern Province that were the ‘true blue’.

Northern Province acting MMD chairperson Gaston Sichilima said the people of Mbala and Mpulungu had formed a joint force to chase PF leader Michael Sata out of Northern Province.

Mr Sichilima said the people of Northern Province had come to realise that Mr Sata was not a good leader to run the affairs of the country.

He said even Zambia’s Vice-President George Kunda had foreseen the cracks of the PF-UPND Pact which had now been buried.

Mpulungu Constituency seat fell vacant after the MMD MPLameck Chibombamilimo died.
Meanwhile, President Banda has said Government retained the Mpulungu Port in Mpulungu from private ownership to empower the residents of Mpulungu.

Government wanted to make Mpulungu District a modern town and that could only be done if the people of Mpulungu were empowered by running the port.


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