We should change government in 2011-Milupi

Zambians can effect the change that the country needs, a lawmaker has observed.

The Alliance for Democracy and Development party (ADD) charges that the ruling MMD has lived beyond its usefulness and time has come for people to change government.

The party laments that many Zambians are suffering under the MMD because of mismanagement of the country’s resources and calls on the people to take advantage of the forthcoming 2011 elections to change regime.

The ADD however regrets that forming a political pact aimed at unseating the ruling party will not bring about the change that Zambians deserve and counseled the opposition parties to prioritize articulation of their manifestos to the electorates so that people can make informed decisions.

The party has advised Zambians who have not registered as voters to take advantage of the extension of the on-going voter registration exercise by the Electoral Commission of Zambia in order to change regime in next year’s polls.

ADD party President Charles Milupi who is also Luena Member of Parliament was speaking in an interview to QFM in Lusaka.

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