We should document violent thugs

We should document violent thugs

Dear Editor,
Im not convinced that condemning/denouncing political violence in the media will deter perpetrators and would-be offenders.

I suggest that we establish an online list of everyone caught wanting, giving details of the individual/group of individuals with names and all their identity details such that we keep a record of these pipo just in case there will be need to bring them to account if Zambia plunged into war. We can assign undercover photo journalists to take clear pictures at rallies and other events and then attach personal details by investigating the individuals through friends which I think can work because these pipo live within our communities. There are pipo who have formed careers in political violence and are earning huge sums of money while we wallow in disbelief who is behind the acts.

I have designed a format we can use but will require a hostsite to publish images and details of the pipo involved. Something like this

Judge Ngoma

Name                      Judge Ngoma
Nrc                           000000/11/1
Residence             Kanyama Overspill, House # 000             
Occupation            Political Cadre
Date of violence    10/08/11  @CourtYard Hotel
Membership         Task Force on violence/UDA

Editor, this is important because this information can be handed over to the ICC if the country descended into war/civil strife. Instead of us indicting innocent pipo like what happened in Kenya, we would get the right pipo with proof in pictures.

Concerned Zambian

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