We support Sata and PF – Barotse Royal Establishment

THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) says the people of Western Province are happy with development projects in the province.
Acting Ngambela Induna Kalonga (Godfrey Siisi) said this yesterday when he and other indunas met Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda at Country Lodge in Mongu.
“We don’t shout or yearn for this development from a weak position, but with full understanding that this province is rightfully entitled to the full share of the resources of this country.
“We also appreciate that we are entitled to human rights. The BRE is not a political party and will never be used as a wing of any political party,” he said.
Induna Kalonga said because of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, the BRE recognises, respects and works in partnership with any government that is legally put in power through the ballot.
“Clearly, we should be understood that we support the government of the day, in this case the government of President Sata, ” Induna Kalonga said.
He said the BRE welcomes the many development projects in Western Province.
“We are grateful for these developments, including the creation of nine districts in Western Province, which will bring development closer to the people,” Induna Kalonga said.
He cited other projects such as the construction of a stadium, King Lewanika University and a college for mathematics and sciences.
The province is also a beneficiary of the Link Zambia 8000 project.
“We are also positioned to benefit from the repair of the 270-metre Kafue hook bridge along the Lukulu-Mongu road,” Induna Kalonga said.
However, Induna Kalonga said the BRE is concerned with the delay in the implementation of the projects and people are losing patience.
He said people of Western Province are putting immense pressure on the BRE to explain why development projects are delaying.
The BRE wants President Sata to fast-track the development projects, he said.
And Induna Kalonga said the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 is “burning hot” in the hearts of the people of Western Province.
He said regardless of the development projects coming into the province, the people still strongly feel that the issue should be addressed adequately.

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