We told you Lungu doesn’t know what he is doing – FDD

We are happy that President Edgar Lungu has finally conceded to what we as FDD told him that it was wrong and counterproductive for the PF Government to increase electricity tariffs at a time when our economy is on its knees.

We advised the President that his assumption that increasing electricity tariffs would result into increased investment in the energy sector was flawed and did not make any economic sense.

Even a Grade Two child knows that when you increase electricity tariffs you automatically increase the cost of production and subsequently you suffocate people out of business. One wonders whether this Government even takes time to consult and analyse the economic variables before making a policy decision.

It is clear that Mr Lungu and his Cabinet are completely lost at sea and don’t know what is going on. How else can one explain this embarrassing policy inconsistencies? The PF are running the government like a kindergarten: no vision, no planning, it’s pure Chipante-pante. They have no policy direction: everything is kwalola umwela. This Chipante-pante type of governance is eroding investor confidence. There is no investor who would be willing to invest in a country whose Government policies are neither consistent nor predictable. We strongly urge Mr Lungu and his Government to learn to do thorough analysis and consultation before making policy decisions. This would help every stakeholder to make correct business decisions and help them plan their investment.

Issued by Antonio Mwanza FDD Spokesperson

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