We told you PF thugs will start beating even police – UPND

We told you PF thugs will start beating even police – UPND


*15th July 2020*


The PF hooliganism and thuggery in the country keeps  breaking news records with the recent incident being where their thugs beat up police officers right at one of the biggest police stations in the country.

Not even the once powerful UNIP vigilantes that terrorised citizens during the one party state reached this level of violence and thuggery of beating law enforcement agencies right at their premises.

As UPND, we have been at the receiving end of this PF thuggery resulting in some of our members even killed in cold blood by PF thugs, yet law enforcement agencies have done nothing up to now.

And we have repeatedly warned that violence has no end once it starts and encouraged by those in authority because one day they will equally be victims of the same.

We knew it was just a matter of time before this PF thuggery degenerates to such levels because it has been tolerated for a very long time now.

There are numerous incidents with video and photo evidence of PF thugs invading premises and beating up innocent citizens, such as what happened during the live TV Bill 10 debate at Intercontinental Hotel, yet nothing has been done to date.

We are also reminded of an incident during the Sesheke bye election when PF thugs invaded a police station and attacked police officers. But instead of promoting the police officers who repelled the PF thugs, the officers were themselves hounded out of the police service.

With all the powers that have been given to these PF hooligans where they have placed themselves above law enforcement agencies, what could stop them from raiding a police station and clobbering police officers?

It is now clear Zambia is finally a failed state because if law enforcement agencies cannot deal with perpetrators of such heinous crimes, where will ordinary citizens run to for security since police stations are equally not safe?

Where is the security of this nation and that of ordinary Zambians if police officers can be clobbered at the police station and then the assailants manage to evade arrest?

Can you imagine if these were UPND members who did such a thing.

*Patrick Mucheleka*
*UPND Deputy Secretary*

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