‘We voted for criminals’


By Maiko
New Year Eve, 2019.
*We voted for criminals, abamano baliya*

You know PF will always especially now talk ill of HH for nothing but because they are scared of the cases after that and that they still want to steal, rip and rip. They will give HH all tags.
Look here in 2015 ECL declared his wealth at K2.5 Million. His salary when elected was about K37,000 per month. By Dec 2017 (about 16months) ECL was worth K23million. How possible that through allowances, salary he managed to make K20million in 16months?
Then many of us Zambians would have been fairly rich or doing fine in life. Let him then teach us we do the same.
Go to state Lodge and look at the houses these PF guys have in built between 2016 elections and now. The national House for Kaunda look like a Servants quarter of a visitors house.
Go to Chamba Valley see how many plots and houses alleged to be for a named law maker.
We may have roads in Lusaka and some being constructed but think of the nation at large. Main roads like Great East, North, Copperbelt, Southern maybe done. Go in districts you will realise PF has done nothing much. I will site districts:
Go to Eastern province Districts and constituencies. Chasefu has no roads, Vibwi, Chadiza, Kasenengwa, Chipangali, Malambo, Msanzala, etc have no.
Go to Muchinga. Go to Luapula. Only Mansa has a road and the main road. Check Kaputa etc you will cry. Go to southern province. There is no road in dundumwezi, no road in mapatizya, Kalomo, kazungula to sesheke, mulobezi no roads. Go to Mongu. The same is the case with health facilities and education.

For one known reason Lusaka look like Dubai that’s where their businesses are and that’s where they stay.
We can’t go on blaming God for economical challenges that’s why we have leaders and President to offer policies and strategies in such times. As at now, it is as good as not having leadership so that we look up to God for favour.
The problem is that PF is myopic. They don’t think ahead of current situation but they manage to think ahead of their wealth. The hunger we have now is Artificial. When we had a bumper harvest in 2017, we decided to sale our maize outside. Remember the illegal case of export to Malawi which led to the firing of Malawian Agriculture Minister and arrest of Saviour Chishimba. In 2018 the government instructed farmers both small and large scale to sale maize wherever they wanted as there was no money for the purchase through FRA. Government gave FRA K650 to buy maize. Famers sold where there was competitive prices. If we had kept our maize this hunger and mealie meal prices wouldn’t have affected us.
Legally we have transported over 500 Mukula Containers (I don’t know how many illegal) but what can we point at that this is what we have gained? Just few months ago we were struggling to find $40m to pay ESKOM, we have a bill with Maamba power plant. So where is mukula money.
If we had objective and fair leaders, Mukula money would have helped us pay Euro bond and other loans we have. But our personal pockets are more important.
PF actually is not corrupt but they are hardcore thieves.


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