We will lose in Kafue, says PF official

PF KAFUE constituency youth secretary Loti Sikasunda says the party is headed for a humiliating loss for ignoring the people’s choice.
In a walk-in interview on Saturday, Sikasunda said the PF would lose both the parliamentary and local government elections because it had adopted people who were not wanted by the voters.
He said the opposition political parties would have an easy campaign over PF whose candidates were “not saleable”.
“The choice of the people was Roy Mwaba for member of parliament and Francis Chipasha as council chairman but the secretariat and our secretary general Davies Chama manipulated the process and adopted Gibson Sinkala for member of parliament and Catherine Chapeshamano as council chairperson. PF is losing this election; we are gone and there’s no hope for us because the people’s will has been ignored just to please a few people. Sinkala was council chairperson and it was during his tenure that local government minister [Stephen] Kampyongo stopped the sale of land because of corruption. Sinkala and his predecessor Catherine are facing corruption charges and this will make our campaign difficult,” Sikasunda said.
He said Sinkala and Chapeshamano had been rejected by the grassroots and wondered how they were adopted.

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