We won’t privatise any of the govt media- Kapeya

Information and Broadcasting deputy minister Mwansa Kapeya says PF government will not privatise any of the three government media propaganda wings namely Times of PF, Zambia Daily PF, and ZNBC PF.

Mr. Kapeya, who is representing ailing Minister of Information Kennedy Sakeni who is out of the country for medication, claimed that all governments in the world have public media houses and PF would also like to do the same.

Mr. Kapeya, who is probably ill informed about media ownership and operations in many democracies such as South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, said the PF government will merely recapitalise the PF government media propaganda wings.

Recently, the PF government said they wish to add to media propaganda in the country by having the Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) publish local languages newspaper.

The U-turn by the PF government that campaigned and advocated for serious media reforms while in opposition barely two years ago will not come as a surprise to many Zambian as they have changed positions on many issues since coming into office.

Among the many issues PF has changed positions include non-fullfillement of the recognition of the Barotse Agreement, Windfall taxes, Public Order Act, relations with the Chinese government, and recently, many people senior officials have been against the enactment of clauses such as the 50+1 percent and running mate requirement in the constitution.

President Michael Sata and his PF also promised to run a small cabinet but have ended-up having the largest in Africa.


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