We will not give up, says Chanda

We will not give up, says Chanda


It’s from the Holy Bible and particularly one of the golden Commandments that the Lord said “Do unto others as you would love them to do on to you” Further we learn from the same Bible that “If you kill by the sword you also die from the sword” and the BEMBA saying says that “UMLINGO UILINGILAKO ABANOBE NAWEBO EO BAKAKULINGILAKO’ In the Bible it says “The measure you use it will be measured to you”.

The above sayings are for the PF and whoever is excited about the unlawful detention of our leader HH. Today you are in Government tomorrow you will not be in Government and when we apply the above on you do not ever think that we avenging no we will be following and applying the Word of God to the later. Remembers what happened between KK and FTJ? It was first KK who detained FTJ and other labour leaders.

As I have stated KK lost power to FTJ and on Christmas Eve KK was detained by FTJ. In unclear circumstances KK lost a very dear son in the name of WEZI (MHSRIP) I personally knew WEZI and I feel bad, but for people to understand I have to say it. It pains me.

UPND as a Party .GBM and HH we have been tortured by you PF left, right and centre but the truth of the matter is that PF will not be in power for ever, don’t fool yourselves that you will continue persecuting us forever NO.

The mistake you are making is that you think by being brutal to us you will break down NEVER; you are just making us stronger. I know my President HH that where ever you have kept him he is very strong. I say this because unlike you in PF I understand my President and his Vice GBM as individuals. I have sat down and chatted with both men.

You can use your biased ZNBC to demonize UPND, GBM and HH but you will never mange to break us down. You will use your killing machine the Police but that only makes us stronger and brings us close to each other as UPND family.

Our resolve is to claim our stolen victory and make Zambia a safe place for all citizens. There is this thing in all thieves they do not just take away your property but kill the owner.

Now Ba PF you might fool a few people using your rotten ZNBC but is it by coincidence that when the matter was about to be heard in the High Court that’s when you decided to detain HH?

No , we know that you have run out of excuses about our matter before the Courts that’s why you hatched the scheme of detaining our leader HH. You very well know that we have a very strong case against your theft. No wonder you want to dupe the Zambians about pulling out of the ICC.

The whole issue is about covering your brutality. No matter what you will still appear before the ICC anytime soon. Everything is well documented against, you will pretend now but that you will be in chains when you will remember, but it will be too late for you by then.

But remember what ever goes up must come down. Yes, today its HH but tomorrow ask yourselves who will be next. You have started this music be ready to dance to your tune when your time comes.

I end here because in PF, even quoting the Bible is treason.

Percy Chanda
UPND- Freedom fighter and Chairman for Labour.

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