We will regulate the media-VJ

Government Parliamentary chief weep Vernon Mwaanga says the media has lost his support.
Mwaanga says once the bill to statutory regulate the media is introduced in parliament , he will support it.

Mwaanga, a former editor of the Times of Zambia, Spy boss, diplomat and minister of information says it is sad that the media in Zambia has drifted away from upholding reporting ethics.

Vernon Mwaanga (VJ)

Vernon Mwaanga (VJ)

He was quoted by QFM saying some journalists are irresponsible in their work and that regulating the media is the only way to stop such.

Mwaanga who said that from the time he served as information minister, government has always advocated for self regulation of the media but that the media seems to have failed to do so.

He believes it is for this reason that government should move in and assist in enacting a law that will allow the state to regulate the media.

Mwaanga says while he once strongly supported self-regulation of the media in Zambia, the current reporting by some media practitioners means that the media has lost his support.

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