We will sort out the Zambian Watchdog and readers- ruling party officials

The Lusaka Province Patriotic Front Youth Chairperson Kennedy Kamba has threatened to sort out anyone linked to the Zambian Watchdog. Speaking to Radio Phoenix on Friday April, 18,2014, Mr. Kamba said the Zambian Watchdog has been insulting President Michael Sata and the party has since resolved to “sort out” anyone suspected to be linked to the online media.

“We will sort out the Zambian Watchdog. Anyone linked to the online media which is used to insult President Michael Sata will be sorted out. We are also calling on ZICTA to close the Zambian Watchdog,” he said.

Mr. Kamba however did not exactly state how he will sort out the people linked to the Zambian Watchdog. Last week, the Zambian Watchdog reported that the PF regime has been planning to eliminate journalists that are seen to be critical to the government.

And Lusaka province Information Publicity Secretary Clement Katongo has revealed that the PF government has resolved to trace all individuals posting what he termed as malicious things, insults and defamatory comments on social and other media against the president.
“You may wish to know that for as long as someone is using their mobile phone registered in Zambia or laptop connected to any internet provider in the country, they will not run away or hide from their crimes,” Mr. Katonga warned.
He said the party has instructed members and supporters across the country to report anyone suspected to be posting malicious or insulting comments on the president.
Mr Katongo further explained that the party will report all culprits to the law enforcers but will not hesitate to deal with them if the law fails.
Mr. Katongo has also urged law enforcement officers to deal with the people insulting the head of state through the media.
“If the law enforcers fail to deal with such internet criminals, we shall have no choice but to deal with them ourselves. Our party functionaries countrywide are on red alert on how to trace and deal with such criminals,” he said.

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