We will start beating up ‘cadres’ couriered from Lusaka/CB to take up council jobs-Katombora MP warns


Katombora Member of Parliament Derrick Livune has warned that people in Kazungula may resort to beating up people (cadres) who are being couriered from Lusaka to take up all council jobs at the expense of qualified locals.
Speaking in parliament today during debate on the Local Government Service Commission, Livune lamented that almost all positions in the council are being filled by grade 12’s, diploma and degree holders from Lusaka and the Copperbelt provinces leaving out local people who have the same qualifications.
He pointed out that it did not matter where the people being employed originate from as long as they are domiciled within the district as opposed to importing people from Lusaka and other places.
‘The council is filled of people from Lusaka, Kazungula has grade 12’s, diploma and degree holders but people are being couriered from Copperbelt and Lusaka to get jobs in Kazungula, we will start beating them now, what do you take as for? Is this what you want us to start doing?’ Livune asked as Deputy Speaker Namugala asked him to withdraw the threat of beatings.
But Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale however claimed that only senior positions in councils are filled through the Local Government Service Commission while middle and lower ranks are filled by the local authorities themselves.
What is obtaining on the ground however is that even junior staff in most of the new councils are being brought in from outside at the expense of local qualified staff.
In Kazungula, Sichili in Mulobezi, Sioma and many other councils even positions of sweepers and security guards have been filled by PF aligned people and relatives brought in from Lusaka and Copperbelt.

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