We will thump PF in round one – UPND’s Andrew Banda

We will thump PF in round one – UPND’s Andrew Banda

ANDREW Banda says the opposition UPND will thump the PF in the forthcoming August 11 tripartite elections.

The former diplomat said in an interview that his party is aiming for an outright win and will not allow for a rerun.

“For us as UPND, we want to go for an absolute crushing. We want to go for an absolute beating of the PF, you understand? We want to thump these guys in the first round. We will not allow any rerun. The danger with a rerun is that some of these political parties, they end up in a situation where they can be compromised, so there is a danger. The best is to go for an outright win because in a rerun, some people are in a weaker situation, they can just say, ‘we are going to vote for the government of the day’,” Banda said.

“If we allow a rerun, then we know that Zambians are in trouble, so we are going to work very, very hard and ensure that we win from the first round. It doesn’t matter what the PF do, they have already shown their desperation by ordering the OP to help them rig the elections and by hiring Timor Consulting, but it will not help them.”

He said President Edgar Lungu must enhance preparations for his exit to pave way for change of government.

“This is not a personal issues, this country does not belong to EL (Edgar Lungu) alone. what we are talking about is for all Zambians, so other people should not turn up and say we are being personal. Lungu is the one who has created the mess that Zambians are facing today so he must be removed,” said Andrew

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