We won last bye-elections-UPND

The opposition UPND says it won the last bye-elections as a party.

According to the analysis posted on their website, the UPND says it participated in 14 bye-elections and won 13.

The analysis as posted on the site is reproduced below

13th August, 2009 By – Election Results and Analysis

Ward Parliamentary Total
21 1 22

(a). Participation of the three major Political Parties

Party Participated in Won
UPND 14 13
PF 8 3
MMD 22 6
UPND / PF Pact 22 16

(b). Analysis in Percentage

Party Success
UPND 93%
PF 37%
MMD 27%
UPND / PF Pact 73%

(c). Special Notes to consider:

  • UPND took away from the MMD 4 seats, these being; Maramba in Livingstone, Itebe in Mazabuka, Nambala in Mumbwa and Chikonkwelo in Kapombo
  • MMD got Zero (0) votes in certain poling stations such as Chilanga ward in Lusaka and Kikonge ward in Solwezi
  • UPND won all the seats in Southern province
  • UPND won all the seats in Mumbwa district (Central Province), these being; Nambala, Chisalu and Nalubamba

If these election results are anything to go by you will realise that where as the UPND / PF pact are gaining more ground the MMD on the other hand are loosing ground evidenced by the number of seats they have lost!


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