We won’t leave constitution making to civil society-Kampyongo

The Patriotic Front government will not leave the constitution making process to the civil society organisations, Deputy Minister in the Vice Presidents’ Office Stephen Kampyongo has vowed.
And Kampyongo has stressed that members of parliament will never be sidelined from the constitution making process at any time.
Kampyongo accused the civil society organisations of having delayed the process but could not explain at what point this delay took place.
‘We are not going to leave it to them (civil society), the President tried to give it to them and you know what happened,’ claimed Kampyongo.
He said it was the duty of parliamentarians to legislate laws adding that people should face reality that parliamentarians have been given a mandate to amend laws.
The Patriotic Front is planning to manipulate the constitution making process through parliament by shooting down some clauses they don’t want.

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