We won’t re-nationalise mines-president Banda

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda has said that his Government will not re-nationalise the mines or any other industry because the concept had failed in Zambia.
President Banda said when he toured the Ndola Multi-Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ) site on the Ndola- Kabwe Road yesterday that even if some people wanted the Government to re-nationalise the mining sector, his Government would not do so because Zambia had once employed the concept but it failed to work for the country.
“We tried all that, nationalisation of mines or anything else but just look at the carnage left behind, we failed,” Mr Banda said.
He said the best way forward was for Zambians to invest in the country and run industries in all sectors like the foreigners were doing while Government would give them support like it was doing using the Ndola MFEZ.
President Banda said opposition leaders should also join hands with the people to bring development.
He said development should not be politicised and even when leaders differed politically, which was democratic, there was need to work together when it came to development.
Mr Banda said Zambians would render irrelevant, politicians that differed with Government on developmental issues.
He said he could be counted on for support and he did not discriminate politically as to who should participate in development incentives like the MFEZ.
President Banda said he was not like other politicians that were meeting with foreign nationals and discouraging foreigners from investing in Zambia.
He said other political parties did not foresee that with such Government initiatives like the MFEZ and with the hard work of Zambians, the country’s citizens would own large businesses that would run internationally.
Mr Banda said he had a hard working team of ministers and Zambians were generally hardworking and that was why the country would excel.
He said he was proud of the Ndola MFEZ as it was totally Zambian initiative.
Mr Banda said Zambians should be proud of the country because it was a hub of investment.
He said everywhere he went for international conferences like the Afro-Arab summit in Libya last week, world leaders wanted to know how they could invest in Zambia because it was a good investment centre.
World leaders also admired the country because President Banda had embraced the former presidents in the country.
Mr Banda said he would not dislike a former president or any other person or throw them in jail because it was not his job to throw people in jail.
He said there were systems that jailed people and that his, was to embrace everyone.
And the Director of the Ndola MFEZ Phesto Musonda said the facility wanted to develop the small to medium scale industries.
Mr Musonda said the 250 hectares site that once housed the ZCCM Copper smelter currently housed the Sub-Sahara gem stone exchange and timber, wood processing and clothes making industries.
He said he was happy that in the Budget, Government was ahead of the private sector in investment of infrastructure.

Times of Zambia

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