We won’t recognise anyone as president without petition – UPND


The United Party for National Development Youth Spokesperson Gilbert Liswaniso says that his party will not be forced to accept the illegitimate Presidency of Edgar Lungu by hired guns such as Cosmo Mumba.

Liswaniso says that UPND is resolved with renewed vigour to ensure that the Presidential petition is heard and all atrocities of the 2016 elections effectively exposed and the fullest extent of the law applied.

He observes that Cosmo Mumba is what he is, a political flea who should focus on growing his Kantemba three man party instead delving in matters he cannot comprehend.

Cosmo Mumba who is National Revolution Party President was quoted saying that the UPND’s Presidential petition is not going anywhere and that it will remain a violent party in opposition.

Liswaniso adds that seasonal politics of the belly exercised by fly by night politicians such as Cosmo Mumba is a mockery, laughable, fraud and a disaster.

The UPND National Youth Spokesperson notes that politicians like Cosmo Mumba seek to undermine true tenets of democracy, the rule of law, unity of purpose and justice for all citizens.

“They are praise singers whose sole intention is to feed and nourish their greedy and insatiable appetites for money.

Cosmo Mumba has a very questionable conscience and mental faculties that makes mockery of a noble profession of comedy. He should never be taken seriously for whatever reason.

Cosmo is a demagogue, a fraud and an attention seeker who will praise and support anyone for his own selfish motives” Liswaniso stated.

He says that UPND is very committed to ensuring that the world knows the real results of the 2016 Presidential elections.

Liswaniso adds that his party will pull no punches and leave no stones unturned in the quest to prove that the election was indeed stolen from the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema.

He further made it clear to the PF and all their supporters that UPND is not afraid of them.

“We are fearless and will not be cowed down.Bring it on. Let the petition be heard” Liswaniso said.

He spoke to journalists in Lusaka this morning.

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