We won’t recognise product of illegal inauguration – Nevers Mumba

We won’t recognise product of illegal inauguration – Nevers Mumba


Following the ruling of the full bench of the Constitutional Court late Friday night 2nd September, 2016 to allow the UPND Presidential petition to be heard on Monday 5th September, 2016, the PF lawyers surprisingly boycotted the session and 3 of the 5 judges made a sudden ‘u-turn’ against their earlier ruling but instead dismissed it without hearing it saying the time to hear it had elapsed.

In view of this, we wish to confirm that as the Opposition Alliance, we have rejected the irregular ruling and call upon all Zambians to join us in demanding that justice be served and human rights respected by ensuring that our petition is heard. We shall not rest nor retire from this until the will of Zambians prevail. We further state that the proposed inauguration is illegal and we shall not recognize its product until the petition is heard.

This petition, the very first under the amended Constitution under a lawyer president, was extremely important to test our resolve to free ourselves from a dark history of electoral malpractice and fraud. It was also to be a test case to assess the ECZ’s capacity to conduct free, fair and credible elections befitting a democratic country. But the shocking irregularies of this election only confirm that we have once again failed our people and have consigned the billions of Kwacha already spent on this process over many years, to the rubbish dump and are back where we started.

We acknowledge that the President of the Constitutional Court, Justice Hildah Chibomba remained focused and correctly guided the court that the dispute to confirm the winner of the election could only be determined through hearing the petition of the petitioner, in this case the UPND. Unfortunately, this has been dismissed leaving the winner of the election un-determined.

Our position therefore is that, the battle for justice has just began and we are resolved to fight for the aspirations of the ordinary Zambians, the real stakeholders, to ensure that the Constitution is protected. We hold Mr. ‘Walk the Talk’ Edgar Lungu responsible for the tragic failure of this election and the Constitution which he hurriedly signed merely as a publicity stunt and which he swore under oath to uphold but has miserably failed to protect.

Nevers Sekwila Mumba


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