We won’t resume work, CBU lecturers tell Kambwili

lecturers at the Copperbelt University (CBU) have said they will not resume work under the management of Vice-Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma and have since challenged Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili to fire them if he has powers to do so.

CBUAU Academics Union General Secretary Kawunga Nyirenda said lecturers would not be threatened by Mr Kambwili because they were intellectuals who do not need an election to get a job.

Dr Nyirenda was reacting to Mr Kambwili’s statement that Government would not be blackmailed into firing Professor Ngoma. “We are not blackmailing any one and Kambwili should know that we are serious people. We are intellectuals who do not need elections to get a job. We are intellectuals and so we do not want mediocrity at CBU. “We want CBU to be the Centre of Excellence and this is why we do not want the management of Professor Ngoma. We will not leave CBU and we will only resume work after Professor Ngoma’s management is flushed out,” said Dr Nyirenda at a press briefing held at CBU. Dr Nyirenda alleged that Mr Kambwili was joking when he threatened to fire lecturers and hoped that the minister did not mean his words.

He said if the minister meant his words, then should go ahead and dismiss the lecturers. Dr Nyirenda said the lecturers were demanding for the resignation or dismissal of Professor Ngoma because he had allegedly failed to manage CBU. “Even in a team of football, if a team is losing, you change the coach and so even at CBU, we want Professor Ngoma and his team to go,” he said.

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