We wont stop publishing Watchdog and thanks for support

The PF regime should release Thomas Zyambo forthwith and drop all the stupid charges they have slapped on him. They should also leave Clasyson Hamasaka alone and abort their planned raid on journalists they suspect work for this publication.

What the PF officials must get right in their thick skulls is that we shall not stop publishing this website. We have been doing so since September 2008, and clearly we have no intentions of stopping.

In fact, we are now more resolved than ever before.

Arrests, night raids, charges of sedition, libel etc and even death will not make us stop publishing this news website.

We did not select the name Zambian Watchdog at random. It summarises what we believe in; and that will not change.

But we wish to thank the various international and local organisations and individuals who stood by us the past few days.

As FOX News reported here, the arresting of Zyambo and Hamasaka was aimed at linking them to the Zambian Watchdog.

The support we got was massive and it showed ailing dictator Michaeal Sata and his minions that the international community will not stand by and watch them destroy Zambia.

It showed Sata and his fellow illiterates in the PF regime that, being elected does not give them universal powers to treat people as they wish and trump on other’s rights.

Sata, if he is alive wherever he is, must be wondering and shocked that he does not have the overriding powers he thought he had.

We can mention the organisations and individuals that within 24 hours mobilised and came to the rescue of Human Rights in Zambia. This is not just support for the Zambian Watchdog. It is support for the Zambian people and people’s rights to free speech everywhere in the world.  This is how it should be. Emerging, albeit sick- both in mind and body, dictators like Sata should not be given a chance. That is how Robert Mugabe became the monster he is.

The support we received was massive but some organisations deserve special mention here even though we know this is not over yet and Thomas Zyambo is still languishing in a dirty jail with hard-core criminals.

His only crime is being a journalist and having ‘intent to publish’?

In no particular order but for different forms of support, the organisations are Committee to Protect Journalists, Panos Institute, MISA Headquarters and Zambia office, Open Society Foundations UK, Fojo Media Institute, Media Legal Defence Initiative, Southern African Litigation Centre (SALC), Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (thanks Dumi), World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, FODEP in Zambia, the MMD and of course the organisation hosting the website – the Zambian government hates you big time.

We also wish to thank our team of lawyers on the ground for the wonderful work.

We pay particular tribute to Human Rights Activist Brebner Changala who risked his life to see to it that the detained journalists were not abused. Mr Changala was with the detained journalists from the time they were picked up at night. He too did not sleep. He suffered as much as the detained journalists to the extent where he was even threated with arrest.

Mr Changala makes us believe that, if we had a good number of citizens like him, Zambia, would not have been colonised in the first place; lowlives like Sata would not have been in leadership.


We also thank Laura Miti and many others who offered solidarity through social media.

We wish to emphasise that Sata and his friends will never mange to stop what we are doing. Even if they temporarily stop us like they did by blocking the site two weeks ago, we shall always find ways to continue our work.

We do not need permission from Sata and his type to do what we do.

After all, all we do is tell the country and world at large what is happening in Zambia.

They can arrest as many journalists as they wish and link them to the Watchdog; but they will never stop news flowing here.

The truth is that there are a lot of journalists publishing news here. Others work for government media. Others are imbedded as PR directors in government offices.

Arresting two or ten journalists will not make any difference. We have sources of news everywhere. In fact we have more sources in the police than elsewhere. We thank our supporters in the police for keeping us informed even as you come to look for us.

Our message to the PF is that just do your job of delivering on the promises you made to the people. You cannot stop journalists from publishing news. Search history and see if it has ever worked anywhere. Ask even your fellow dictators and hear their confessions.

For ailing dictator Michael Sata, we know you stand for nothing in particular in life.

We have always said that president Michael Sata is a thug. His conduct over the past 22 months he has been in power has proved that he is actually worse than a thug. Sata is not fit to lead people in a democratic world. His behaviour is repulsive. Sata belongs to the stone age.

And as a thug, he can only surround himself with his type: Guy Scott – most stupid white man ever seen in SADC; Edgar Lungu, drunkard. Geoffrey Mwamba, corrupt callboy and thug; Wynter Kabimba, corrupt but dull and arrogant lawyer with unpolished behaviour. Sylvia Masebo, solola. Bob Sichinga, serious womaniser and inherently corrupt and this is the group that is expected to lead Zambia?

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