Welcome back Mr Sata

By Hellen Chanda Makanta

Its good to see Mr. Michael Sata after a long period of hide and seek as the FDD like to put it.

Now that he is back, these are some of the things we need him to look into with immediate effect.

1) The release of the draft constitution: for as long as the Patriotic Front will be in power (which might not be too long if they continue with this form of governance) the issue of our constitution will never die unless it is given to us the way we want it.

2) Mealie meal prices MUST go down: maybe the president was not aware of how citizens of Zambia are battling with hunger due to the ridiculous mealie meal prices despite a mysterious prophecy by this government of a coming “bumper harvest”. When we voted for the PF, we did not vote to die of hunger, please please ba kateka, think of the common Zambian in Lilanda compound with a net income of K600 per month. How many bags of mealie meal can one buy with that in relation with the current exuberant prices?

3) Swear in the people that need to be sworn in: a country without a legally appointed attorney general is in a very bad predicament because this means that this country can not have a certified legal opinion on national contracts and any other governance business. We do not know or care about what caused you to stall the necessary swearing in but now that you are over your hide and seek and working holidays, we wish that our country can get back to normal.

4) Discipline your cabinet: in the time that you were away, we had some of your cabinet members refer to a tribe in this country as minority and useless, we had members of your cabinet declare themselves fit to run for presidency and dismiss others as unfit to run for the same position. Please,please, fix this guy’s mouth or he is likely to cause anarchy in this country.

5) Organize a press conference and speak to us: we did not vote for facebook. Come out and tell us where you were, tell us about what economic and developmental programs your government is working on and answer our questions. If you continue to address us through facebook, we will continue to challenge and ridicule your governance on facebook. Please, heed this advice, least you are called chumbu munshololwa

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