Welcome Fat Albert, GBM cheerfully says to Kambwili

Welcome Fat Albert, GBM cheerfully says to Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili and UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba heartily embraced at Mukobeko Prison where both separately went to visit Hakainde Hichilema with the former asking the PF member to join to work together.

The former information minister, who had been expelled from the ruling party, arrived to a cheerful welcome by some UPND members at the entrance to Mukobeko, among them Obvious Mwaliteta and family.

As Kambwili got out of his vehicle, Mwamba, on top of his voice said:
boy, fat Alube, waisa? Wacita bwino boyi (my friend, fat Albert, you have come? You have done well). Let’s team up and show them these thieves. We have been working for this country and for Zambians for so long, one person cannot be champion over all of us.

“We will teach him (apparently referring to President Edgar Lungu) a lesson,” he said as the two embraced while laughing. After embracing, Mwamba held Kambwili’s hand and walked to the former’s vehicle, awaiting formalities from prison authorities before being ushered into prison.

The two chatted about various issues among them Mwamba’s self-imposed exile after the arrest of Hichilema on treason charges.

GBM said: “How can I run away from my own country? Te epa ndikuno boy (am I not here my friend)?”

Kambwili: Tapali eko tukaya (we will go nowhere); we will fight from within to change this country.”

Meanwhile, the UPND members also heartily welcomed Mwaliteta who was released from jail on Tuesday. Mwaliteta travelled to Kabwe with his family to visit Hichilema.

The UPND team smeared Mwaliteta with a white powder and they danced.

Other leaders who visited Hichilema yesterday included Mwenya Musenge and Green Party president Peter Sinkamba.

Earlier, Kambwili brought Kabwe’s Petroda filling station to a standstill as church members in a mini bus noticed him and screamed out his name.
Kambwili then disembarked and walked to the minibus to greet the church members, who promised not to abandon him.

Before leaving, Kambwili dipped into his pocket and gave the church members on the bus K300, and K200 to those that stood outside the bus waiting for their time to greet him.

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