Welldone Ronald Chitotela

Welldone Ronald  Chitotela

In the eyes of the powerful people protecting you, we Zambians are so dull and stupid and should understand the following things are normal in the PF era of “God given” leaderhsip with accountability.

– It is okay for you to breach the ministerial code and stay in office while you are being investigated
– It is normal for companies connected to yourself or your relatives/friends to receive funds from chinese without proper explanation.
– It is normal for your company which owns a luxury fleet of cars to be subcontracted by chinese contractors for construction work.
– It is normal business for Micheal sata shelter to cost US$4.3 million and Ndola – Lusaka road to cost over US$1.3million/km and Kawambwa-Mporokoso Road to cost over US$1m/km
– It is normal for a minister to acquire property valued at more than his annual pay and gratuity combined, at frequent rate.
– It is normal that the chinese companies that you offer contracts are paying your lawyers hundreds of thousands dollars.
– It is perfectly normal for the Minister to take custody of contractual documents, instead of the controlling officer.

All this is normal and we Zambians need to go to school or shut up. Well done hard working minister for being found with no case to answer. May you continue inflating them contracts.

You are so much of a hero as Pamela is, the only difference is that you have the nerve to hang around and laugh at us while collecting the dollars. May your tears of joy continue flowing. Mfwiti, mfwiti, mfwiti, mfwiti, mfwiti, ba kanileni mudala!

Richard Waga.

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