Well-done MPs

Well-done opposition MPs. Your performance today was simply admirable. You have now earned the right to be called ‘Honourables’.
What you did today was not for your personal glory. You defied a brutal regime and risked your lives. But it was not for nothing. We can assure you that the majority of the people support what you did today.
Even people who erroneously voted f…or PF in 2011 after being cheated know that you are on the right. Sata and all those who are opposing the enactment of the new constitution are on the wrong side of history.
Forget about the few individuals who are condemning you; these are direct beneficiaries of the sick PF regime.
How can a normal person oppose enacting a good constitution?
You may not achieve this overnight but your actions the past one-week will go a long way. We shall certainly have the constitution we desire one day. And it may just be very soon.
When history is written, its shall be reflected that there was a group of MPs who risked their lives; put the interests of the public in front of their bellies to make sure the country had a good constitution.
But on the next page, history will say there was a speaker who was determined to block the making of a good constitution for the people of Zambia; a speaker who looked at his bank account before anything else.
What a shame to Patrick Matibini’s family. We wonder how your children feel, or they also have no conscious or remorse like their father?
One day, Mr Matibini, you will need the same constitution you are so determined to block for 30 pieces of silver. You are indeed a disgrace to that House.
We cannot think of a better thing than a good law for MPs to fight for. MPs are by description lawmakers. There is no person or group of persons more qualified to fight for good laws than our MPS. MPs make laws. Lawyers simply write the laws in their language.
We know very well that even among PF MPs, there are many who support this fight. But fast food, entertainment and all the pleasures of this world are standing in their way.
We know this because we talk to these people. We know how frustrated they are. But they cannot do any thing.
To them we say: stay where toy are cowards. Very soon, you will realise that you have no followers.

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